Icecast servers are great for hosting Internet Radio Stations. In addition to MP3 Icecast supports the Ogg Vorbis streaming format. Icecast servers also have a good feature which automatically moves listeners between live and autodj streams.

Icecast Server

Icecast Server Features

  • Tick MP3 and Ogg Vorbis supported.
  • Tick Full Admin access.
  • Tick Log file access.
  • Tick Intro and Backup files.
  • Tick 3 Mountpoints with fallback.
  • Tick Listed on
  • Tick More Features.

In addition to all the above features all our icecast servers come with a web based control panel full of features to control, monitor and analyse your radio station.

How much does it cost ?

Our icecast server prices depend on how you would like to pay for your radio server. We offer a Pay as you Go Bandwidth method aswell as a Monthly Subscription (Unlimited Bandwidth) method. More information is available on our prices page.

What other radio servers are there apart from icecast ?

In addition to icecast servers we also offer Shoutcast Servers for your internet radio station. We have an FAQ explaining some of the main differences between shoutcast and icecast servers.